Samsung 14 Place Dishwasher With Wide LED Display


With a focus on innovative technology, Samsung’s range of home appliances are designed with optimised functionality and classy looks in mind- Along with all the bells and whistles to ensure added value to any home-keeping task you can think of.

  • Inox silver finish dishwasher
  • 7 programmable functions
  • Wide LED display- Effortlessly monitor and control the washing performance even from a distance
  • Flexible third rack provides a dedicated space at the top for small and light items, such as cutlery and utensils. So items stay safe, but are still cleaned thoroughly by powerful jets of water
  • Height adjustable interior space, so the upper rack can be quickly raised up or down by an extra 5cm with one touch of a trigger. By creating more space in the lower rack you can fit in various sizes and shapes of dishes, including tall pots, wide platters and oversized plates
  • Half-load function giving you greater flexibility as it allows you to fill and clean items in the bottom zone only. So you can save time and energy by running smaller loads
  • Hygiene function option can be activated with certain programs to get everything hygienically clean. It extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70°C, enabling deeper cleaning and eliminating bacteria and germs
  • 60 minute Express Wash option ideal for smaller loads of lightly soiled items that don’t need really intensive cleaning, such as cups, cutlery and dinner plates
  • Includes a convenient delay start function


Samsung 14 Place Dishwasher With Wide LED Display

  • Water consumption per cycle: 12 litres
  • Dimensions: L 60cm x W 60cm x H 84.5cm
  • Noise level: 46 dB
  • Energy efficient class: A+
  • Weight: 53kgs


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