Defy 15 Place Cornerwash™ Dishwasher – Inox


The Defy 15 Place CornerWash™ Dishwasher  has an A++ energy rating9.5L water consumption8 programs and with a 46DB noise level, you will not even hear it in the next room. Thanks to Defy CornerWash Technology, your dishes and glasses will be spotless.


CornerWash Technology
Defy CornerWash Technology is the most efficient and total hygienic cleaning system that is new to South African dishwasher market. Unlike traditional dishwashers that clean in a circular motion, CornerWash technology cleans in a rectangular motion, which will not only clean every corner of the Defy 15 Place CornerWash™ Dishwasher, but your glasses and dishes will be spotless too. CornerWash technology uses a specially designed three-spray arm and nozzles that will clean the bottom of the machine that spins at a different angle so that water and detergent can reach every corner.


Defy 15 Place Cornerwash™ Dishwasher – Inox


8 Program Dishwasher
Unlike other Defy Dishwashers, the Defy 15 Place CornerWash™ Dishwasher has 8 incredible programs that you can make use of, namely:

  • Eco 50°C which is the most economical washing program for the medium dirty daily dishes that are kept waiting, in addition, it reduces water and energy consumption
  • Auto 40°C-65°C which determines the soiling degree of the dishes and sets the temperature, amount of the washing water and washing time automatically. Suitable for all types of dishes
  • Aquaflex which is the most suitable washing program for daily mixed dishes including plastic items
  • Intensive 70°C which is suitable for dishes that need to be soaked such as dirty pots and pans
  • Quick & Shine 60°C which is suitable for washing dirty dishes quickly
  • Glass care 40°C which is for gentle cleaning of delicate glassware
  • Mini 35°C which is suitable for lightly dirty dishes that are scraped or precleaned before putting in the dishwasher
  • Prewash program which removes the remnants on the soiled dishes that will be kept waiting in the dishwasher for a few days, therefore prevents the bad odour buildup

Additional information

Dimensions 600 × 600 × 850 cm


  • 15 place setting
  • A++ energy rating
  • Noise output of 46 dBa
  • 9.5L water consumption per cycle
  • TrayWash for big tray washing
  • Cutlery tray included
  • Half load function
  • LCD Display
  • 8 programs
  • H 850mm x W 600mm x D 600mm
  • 3-year warranty


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